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A complete wireless load cell monitoring system for all your weight load management needs.


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Keep rigging weights in check. Paradigm Rigging provides wireless load measurement technology you can count on. Accurate, reliable, and easy to use.



We have a solution to meet your needs. Access detailed information and materials on our complete line of BroadWeigh wireless load cell products.

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Your next event is going to be awesome—with rigging equipment rental from Paradigm Rigging. We offer a complete wireless load cell monitoring system for all of your weight monitoring needs. By buying or renting products from us, you can maintain control of loads to ensure your trade show, auto show, music festival, concert, or theatre production will run smoothly. We are located in Toronto, Canada and Orlando Florida.

Paradigm Rigging is a North American distributor of BroadWeigh™ Wireless Load Monitoring Products and Systems. Located in the UK, BroadWeigh products are designed, manufactured and calibrated, and then they are in-house tested to ensure quality, accuracy and reliability of every solution that leaves the factory. BroadWeigh offers one of the few wireless products on the market that incorporates a high accuracy load pin with zero trim loss design for simple, effective and accurate dynamic wireless load monitoring.

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Fast and simple to use. BroadWeigh’s unique family of wireless products is a complete monitoring system for events of all sizes. Monitor and evaluate the situation, then implement a plan based on accurate data.

Our Broadweigh rigging equipment includes:

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Paradigm Rigging in Toronto and Orlando is proud to be BroadWeigh’s North American partner. Curious about what we have to offer? Want to learn more about how to properly configure your load cell equipment and logging software from us? Review the detailed product information and documents in our resources section.

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